about pep

Pep is clothing for fashion-conscious women – based on how they really are and how they really look. The collections include ‘safe’ items as well as surprises, and they always represent great value for money.

Pep is focusing on quality, price and fittings. Representing simple silhouettes and perfect fits: straightforward, attractive and effortless.

The statement: “It’s all about you” means a sharped profile in order to offer a strong concept with exciting new thoughts and ideas. As if the styles and fit are made for you, making you feel really comfortable – and attractive. The great quality intensified this feeling. Offering you everything you needed, as well as a few extra things a little out of the ordinary.

Pep has its roots back in 1995 and is an integral part of CNS Group. The fashion group also includes the female brand Desires, as well as the menswear brands Solid and Tailored & Originals. Pep products are sold in more than 16 markets across the world.